Women's Foundation for the State of Arizona

Mission: WFSA innovates to create social, political, and economic change that achieves equity for women and girls of all identities.

Vision: An Arizona where women and girls of all identities thrive

Goal of the Event: To be open to opportunities for collaboration with other organizations serving women and girls/led by women and girls; to share about our work in research, advocacy, grant making, and leadership development programs; to share about the expansion of our programming statewide and have an opportunity for sharing information for these programs to recruit cohort starting in Fall 2022; to sign up community members to our advocacy WE Network and newsletter list.

Our Strategic Priorities: We Research. We Innovate. We Advocate. We Invest.

  • Unapologetically mission-focused
  • Rooted in truth
  • Centered in humanity
  • Led by lived experience
  • Transformational in aim and approach

Check out WFSA here.

AAUW Tucson - American Association of University Women

Mission: The American Association of University Women, officially founded in 1881 – Tucson in 1909, is a non-profit organization that advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

Goal: We work towards closing the Gender Gap through work like our FREE Salary Negotiation Courses, increasing representation and providing opportunities for local women and girls

Check out AAUQ Tucson here.

WOSAC: Women’s Studies Advocacy Council for U of A Women and Gender Studies

Mission: The mission of the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies is to promote and support teaching, research and outreach that works to contest the historical, ongoing and pervasive gender-based oppressions within society. Gender and Women’s Studies aims to be an evolving interdisciplinary forum for scholarship including but not limited to: feminist approaches to all possible areas of scholarly investigation; the study of the constitution of women’s lives in diverse social contexts; analysis of feminisms; the exploration of women’s movements; the study of the inextricably interconnected processes by which social formations such as gender, race, class, sexuality and nation are constructed.

WOSAC Mission: The Women’s Studies Advocacy Council (WOSAC) is a member-based community organization whose mission is to promote and support the students, faculty and activities of the University of Arizona Gender and Women’s Studies Department.

WOSAC raises funds and awareness to support and promote Gender and Women’s Studies. Funds raised support:

  • Research travel for graduate students as well as faculty
  • Orientation events and airfare to the best and brightest Ph.D. recruits
  • Collaborative events with like-minded  campus and community groups to raise awareness on critical social issues
  • Emergency funds to help students in crisis

Vision: Creating a more inclusive world by starting with ourselves and our community

Goal: To support the efforts of the faculty, undergrad and grad students of the Women and Gender Studies department at the University of Arizona while bringing outstanding content and programs to our southern Arizona community through salons, workshops, Luna fest and much more.  We also created and support the Women’s Plaza of Honor through generous donations. We are very close to the fundraising necessary to dedicate a bench in the plaza for the Honorable, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Please help us reach this goal. No gift is too small.

Check out WOSAC here.

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