Are you planning on selling products on your new website?

This is the perfect thing for you! Start small with 10 items or go big with up to 50 items. If you are in need of more, please contact us.




Selling Products?

E-commerce sites are highly customizable, thus the basics included are below. There are over a million plugins (like an app for your phone) that can be used for an e-commerce site. Most and the ones below are included in the project fee. The more you need your plugin to do, the higher chance there will be an out of pocket cost to purchase the plugin from the developer.

They include:

  • Strategy call
  • Custom coded website
  • “Coming soon” landing page to capture emails during site construction
  • Basic SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Free 1 year hosting
  • Free 1 year domain
  • Mobile friendly design
  • No ads
  • Site analytics & reports
  • Plugins
  • Individual product and page layout
  • Product description & photo
  • Shipping and return details and set up
  • Email and product sequencing

10, 25, 50