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Website Design & Development

Design vs Development: Design is branding behind your site. The development is creating all of the functions and coding your website. 

These days websites have become the front of every business and the first place your audience will go to check you out. A website is more than just a place to sell your product of show off your services. It’s your “virtual brick and mortar”.

Imagine you had an unlimited budget to create a physical storefront, that’s right, pick any chair, desk, decor you want! Do you feel that exciting feeling happening?

Now just image we can do exactly that but virtually for a small percent of what your physical location would cost you! Not to mention, that “redecorating” is so much easier when done virtually!

If that thought was too much and you’re just frustrated because you’ve tried to create a site on your own and it ended terribly, I’ve got you!

It’s time for you to just sit back and let us do the work. Together we will create your virtual brick and mortar in just one design session! After that, each page gets approved by you before we move forward that way you are still just as involved as before.


Sometimes everything hits all at once! Business just starts to pick up and you’re not even close to being ready or you may have just got your first client and they want to see your site asap. No problem!


Get a 5 section scroll website in just 48 hours! You get to pick what 5 sections you’d like whether that be home, about me, services, portfolio, etc….

There are a few fine prints to this site though. It’s sole purpose is to get your business up and running in a pinch. It does not include the option to sell products or services. This is not a website package. Once you’re ready to upgrade your website, you’ll receive a discount on additional add-ons and will not pay the full price for a full package unless you are starting fresh. 

INVESTMENT of $2,000.


Your website is not just a landing page for your audience, it is an employee that works around the clock just for you. The opportunity to be open 24/7 for your audience is not just a price, it is an investment. An investment to propel you and your business forward to the next level.

Each website package includes at least the following:

  • 30 day turnaround
  • Main Page(s)
  • Sub-pages/drop downs
  • Custom website
  • Landing page to capture emails while under construction
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Basic SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Free 1 year hosting
  • Free 1 year domain
  • No ads, ever!
  • Sales analytics & reports
  • Error 404 Page
  • Basic integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • File of photos used

Investments start at $4,000. Each package can be customized to your needs, so you’re only paying for what you need. 

Customizing your options are similar to downloading an app on your phone as there are hundreds and thousands of them to choose from. If you need something specific or want to bounce ideas off me, just reach out. 


How it Works

STEP ONE | Schedule a free consultation. During the call we will discuss your current website or ideas on the upcoming one. Create a timeline and launch date. 

STEP TWO | A contract and invoice will be sent to your client portal. The client portal is where you will sign the contract, pay your invoices and upload any and all content you’d like to use.  A landing page will be created that way you can start collecting emails and informing clients of your new site. 

STEP THREE | After we go over design ideas for your site, I’ll send you a wireframe of your site. This is a simple outline of what your site will look like. Once it is approved we move forward to inserting all content.

STEP FOUR | The best part, designing the website! Each page will be sent through your portal for you to approve. If any edits need to be made, just let me know.

STEP FIVE | Once everything has been approved you’re website is ready for your launch party! 

Meet Raechel

I’m Raechel Larsen, owner of Modern Bay Designs.  I received my degree in Business Administration. I was trained to find the weak links in an organization and build a sustainable long term solution, which has propelled me to where I am today.

Over the years I found that my passion was assisting women who had the drive to make something for themselves, but just did not know where to start.  The more start-ups I worked with  I found people struggled with branding and website development the most. I enjoy helping people brand their company and websites so that they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Kind Words

You can do this!

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