Success Coach

Imagine how different your business would be if you had the confidence to do exactly what was needed? 

Together with Mara,  you will work on being confident in challenging conversations and situations. Work on key concepts that will help you move forward. Through analyzation, learn what’s blocking your  confidence.  Then remove those obstacles.


Just 3 Sessions!

SESSION ONE | Mara will be asking you a bit of background story. You’ll be setting your goals! What do you want? How do you want to feel? What is your vision?

She’ll help you remove barriers…

Barriers that are in the way for you to BE that kind of person. You’ll become aware of the root cause of emotions like fear of making mistakes and fear of other people’s judgement, and you’ll get inner peace and clarity.

She’ll coach you on how to BE with your emotions, expressing them without judgment so that they won’t be an obstacle when you’re speaking in a meeting. 

SESSION TWO | Together you’ll be working on beliefs. You will become aware of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in situations regarding speaking.

You will let go of these beliefs that no longer serve you and you will choose empowering beliefs that will support you in being confident and calm while speaking. 

SESSION THREE | You’ll mock a conversation with Mara and she’ll coach you on how to tap into your inner confidence so that you can be 100% powerful. Together, you will be reviewing your goal, your vision and how you want to BE during the meeting.  You’ll create yourself as a new YOU and you’ll be ready to go!  

Investment of $525.

Your success coaching includes 6 hours of coaching and an additional hour of support whenever needed!


Meet Mara

Mara Gulizia is a Certified Life coach and author of “Anything is possible. And if I’d known sooner, I’d be better off!“. 

She specializes in helping women find their success through clarity. Stop cracking under pressure and speak with clarity at your next high-stake meeting or event! 

With Mara coaching sessions, you can free yourself from limitations, be at peace with yourself and feel deeply fulfilled. 

Kind Words

You can do this!